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About tom frey

Hello Everyone I 'm a mua and photographer from Germany. i have started 16 years ago with visagistic and 4 years ago with photography - it's not only a profession for me I make a living from but also passion and commitment. If you like my style do not hesitate to contact me, whether you are a client, model, stylist or designer, I will get back to you and we will find a good way to work together.

2 Tagesworkshop für Fotografen

1. Tag Samstag 3. September 2011 / 10 – 18 Uhr Arbeiten mit verfügbarem Licht, In- und Outdoor, natürliches Gegenlicht, Aufhellung mit Aufsteckblitz Aufnahmebereiche: Beauty, Fashion, Glamour, Dessous 2. Tag 4. September 2011 / 10 – 16:30 Uhr Arbeiten mit … Weiterlesen

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older stuff

pictures from the past

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Hello world!

welcome too my blog! I’m here now and then, sometimes publish pictures and talk about my work. Current projects are described and the results of free work shown.

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